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50, Nicole
It’s just another one
Another number one


[50 Cent]
I’m complex, difficult to understand
I don’t know if it’s staged
It’s just to make a better man
I wanna it in the morning
Right early I want it
I rise as the sunrise
Baby now get up on it
Give to me good
Shawty work it like it should
You follow instructions
Then I follow instructions
The ultimate seduction
More kissing and touching
Feels super natural
First chance I’m at you


Come here baby and be my baby
And be my baby oh oh oh
Come here baby put your hands on my body
Hands on my body oh oh oh
Right there keep it right there
I love when you put it right there oh oh oh
Yeah yeah oh oh oh


[Nicole - Verse 1]
Me like the way that you hold my body
Me like the way that you touch my body
Me like the way that you kiss my yeah yeah yeah yeah me like it
Me like the way that he put it on me
Me like the way that he push up on me
Me like the way that he goin’ down down down down down
No you never gonna let no girl take him from me
Never gonna let no girl steal him form me
Never gonna let the girl keep the close now
I tell’em eh eh don’t too close now
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